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If you would like to enquire regarding making a booking for your canine companion(s) for either a long or short term stay at The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven, please fill out the contact form below and one of our friendly and experienced team members will get back to you within 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the process to book my dog or cat in? What documentation will I need to produce?

First step to booking your dog into The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven for a luxury get away is to give us a call on 01233 822160 or email us at with information regarding dates and times for your dogs preferred stay. We will then get back to you ASAP (usually within 24hrs) and confirm your availability. Should you wish to proceed with the booking we can then arrange a time for you to come and visit the facility and meet The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven team in person. This is not a necessity – paperwork can be sent digitally if this is your preference

You will then be given your Contract and Terms of Services agreement for signatures and some paperwork for you to fill in enabling us to take the best care possible of your beloved pet whilst entrusting them to our facility and our experienced team.

For the safety of all dogs residing at The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven, we have vet recommended non negotiable rules and regulations regarding vaccinations and illnesses. These include but are not limited to, a record from your dogs veterinary practice stating the dates of each dog’s most recent vaccinations, registered microchip information, worming and flea treatments, any information regarding any recent medical conditions, treatments or procedures, preferably with veterinary notes and guidance. It is also very important to disclose and discuss in detail any ongoing medical conditions and medications that need to be administered regularly, as well as any history of behavioural issues or incidents around anxiety or fear of people or other dogs. The safety of all dogs and cats under our care is of upmost importance to all at The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven and we ask our clients for complete transparency even in these sensitive matters.

It is imperative to gather as much information as possible from our clients regarding their dog(s) when entering into an agreement of either short or long term boarding. This helps us to safeguard against any potential issues that could arise when dealing with dogs and other livestock. Our own well balanced pack of 12 play a huge part in the training and integrating of any new dog brought into our environment and offer a sense of security that many of our clients find a huge comfort and vantage point from which to see how The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven use our approach in our everyday life and across our business venture.

For all information of what to expect when filling out the documentation for boarding your dog with us please see our Operating Procedures. 

What are the protocols at The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven? eg; feeding preparation, hygiene, cross contamination, water regulation etc

Clients are asked to provide their dogs regular food and plenty of treats (if that’s your dog or cats thing) so as not to cause any upset stomachs or undue stress to your beloved companion(s).  We avoid creating too many unnecessary changes. In our expert knowledge and opinion, a change of diet can cause a lot of undue stress when combined with a sudden change in environment and absent loved ones. This is why, we at The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven feel this is the best option for all dogs boarding at our facility.

Adult dogs will be fed once or twice a day depending on the preference of the owner and the usual home routine. This will be discussed and agreed upon when creating your dogs boarding booking programme.

All dogs will separated for feeding unless written consent permitting otherwise is obtained from the owner prior to the date of the booking commencement date. All dogs will have access to fresh water at all times.

Diets, quantities, preference for group or separate feeding, general appetite levels and activity levels will be assessed and thoroughly recorded in order to monitor behaviour and mood to determine if medical attention needs to be enlisted in any case.

All these matters are very important to us at The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven and and will be fully discussed and recorded before your boarding date commences. During this time you will have ample opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish. This is to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible in our level of skill and care when looking after your treasured companion just like they are one of our own.

All dogs and cats residing at The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven are checked at least once a day, or more regularly if necessary, for any and all sign of pain, distress, suffering, injury or any abnormal behaviour. Any signs of abnormal symptoms no matter how small are logged and recorded. Medical attention from The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven’s local affiliated vet will be enlisted whenever necessary. Having an overview of your dogs past medical history can also be extremely valuable to our staff. All of this and much more will be discussed with you thoroughly at the time of booking and signing in.

Full further information regarding The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven’s procedures and protocols please see our Operating Procedures Document.

What is The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven’s Cancellation Policy?

We understand that sometimes plans change and in this very uncertain economic climate we find ourselves in, it is extremely difficult to find a middle ground with regards to services involving a large amount of monetary outlay in advance of the date of our clients booking. In the very unfortunate event that a client has to cancel a booking with The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven less than 48 hours before the scheduled booking date, the client is required to honour the full payment for the services enlisted. As stated in the signed booking agreement.

If cancellation is confirmed within 14 days of the pre scheduled booking date the client is required to honour 50% of the full payment for the services enlisted. As stated in the signed booking agreement.

If cancellation is made between the date of booking confirmation and before the 14 day cut off point before the pre scheduled booking date, the client will lose their non refundable deposit as stated in the signed upon booking agreement but no further payment is required to be honoured.

For full Terms and Conditions please see our here

Will my dog be integrated and socialised with other dogs whilst staying at The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven?

The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven are extremely proud of our array of highly experienced staff who are confident in managing to maintain calm and controlled behaviour at all times when working with large groups of dogs. Being pack animals, the vast majority of dogs will really flourish in a group environment even if it takes a minute or two to get used to. This being said, it is of huge importance to us that any and all behavioural issues surrounding but not limited to, resource guarding, dog, stranger or food aggression, fear aggression or any other issues that may be apparent in your home with your dog(s) are declared and discussed in full with our team before your dog or cat is admitted to our facility.

Should your dog be a more solitary soul, this is absolutely not a problem at The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven. He or she will have a program formulated specifically to ensure their comfort, ensuring she or he doesn’t miss out on all the fun but that boundaries and comfort levels are respected at all times whilst staying with us.

Our team excel at formulating socialised one to one programmes for individual client needs to ensure that no dogs are unwelcome or miss out on the fun and excitement provided at The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven.

For more information please see our Operating Procedures Document.

Will I be able to check up on how my dog or cat is coping during his or her stay at The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven? 

Of Course! We know that leaving your beloved four legged friend in anyone else’s care can be a very daunting experience and our job is to make this process as stress free for yourselves and your canines. It is our job to put your mind at ease and make this experience as stress free as possible. You can call the office on 01233 822160 which is manned 24/7. If your call is unanswered please leave a message with your name and number and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

We also have exciting NEW plans for the near future to install remote cameras into each of our 40 kennels! Give owners access to view their pooches from anywhere in the world, at any time of night or day – offering that little bit of extra security that we as dog and cat owners know really does make a HUGE difference!


My dog/cat has not been spayed or neutered – will they still be able to stay at The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven?

The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven are happy to accept in tact dogs and bitches for boarding. The status of your dog/cats being neutered or spayed will need to be declared in your paper work upon booking and should your dog be in heat during her stay, special planning and arrangements will be made to ensure she is walked, fed and exercised separately to avoid any incidents during her stay with us.

If you have any further questions regarding this matter please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01233 822160 | 07496 436944 or email us on

For more information please see our Operating Procedures Document.