The Dog Lodge at Etchden Court Farm Ltd

 Providing luxury accommodation for your four legged friend is our speciality. As long standing pet owners we appreciate the importance of having a safe and luxurious home away from home for your faithful companion when you are unable to provide this yourself. We offer a family run service providing dog and day care with extra special luxurious twists designed to provide your dog with all the things required for a continued happy, healthy and well socialised best friend in your absence. 

The Dog Lodge is. a truly beautiful safe havens for dogs whose owners are absent from the home for any length of time. We can take care of everything that your pet needs while you are away and provide them with the facilities for their very own luxury holiday at every animals dream location – Etchden Court Farm. 

Our Kennel licence proudly adorn our office and corridor walls for all to see, you can also find these via our Social Media platforms.

The Dog Lodge are strong believers that not only physical running, chasing, and fetching can wear your pooch out, especially for our older, less able and recovering fellow companions – mental enrichment and stimulation can be just as tiring as running around a field for an hour, and as we all know – a tired dog is indeed a happy dog! 


Strictly viewing by appointment only – to arrange a viewing appointment please contact us via the link below.


  • 40 generously sized kennels with heating and luxury bedding
  • State-of-the-art air purifiers
  • Large barn areas for wet weather play
  • Farmland walks
  • Completely secure outdoor space with over 100 acres for exercise and play
  • Experienced team on site 24/7
  • 24 hour on-call allocated veterinary services
  • CCTV for added security
  • Top quality luxury bedding and furnishings

In order to board your dog with The Dog Lodge, or have them attend day care, they will need to have received their yearly booster injections for all diseases associated with dogs and kennels – this includes but is not limited to kennel cough. Your dogs must have kennel cough vaccine at least 6 weeks prior to the booking as well as routine vaccinations prior to boarding. (IF THIS IS NOT PROVIDED BOOKING WILL BE CANCELLED) Please provide proof of these vaccinations when visiting Etchden Court Farm. 

 With an on site manager, 24 hour CCTV surveillance, dog walkers on rotation, night time auto lock iron gates and tons of land and other animals to explore, The Dog Lodge  at Etchden Court Farm is the perfect balance of adventure and structure that your dog needs to feel content and happy in your absence.
Own food is preferred, but we can supply, this will be charged per day. We will talk you through the food schedule and diet provided at the time of booking. Any special requirements, allergies or intolerances will need to be clearly and concisely declared and discussed when booking and completing the paperwork necessary for your dog’s stay with us at The Dog Lodge.
All luxury seasonal bedding and laundry is included in the day rate at The Dog Lodge, however if you would prefer to bring bedding, blankets or comfort items from home to increase your dog’s comfort levels this is absolutely fine.



With 105 acres of farmland to take advantage of, harmoniously interspersed with horses, ducks, geese, peacocks, chickens and of course our own 12 dog pack, The Dog Lodge provide a stable and safe luxury boarding and day care experience for all breeds of dog, large or small.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view The Dog Lodg before booking?

Of course! Strictly viewing by appointment only. We welcome all of our clients to book a time slot for a pre visit to get a real feel for our facility and exactly what it is we strive to achieve in our work here everyday.  Our ethos is rooted in a genuine love and care for animals of all kinds, as such we relish the opportunity to show off all that we have to offer here at The Dog Lodge or Cat Haven. We promise you will not leave disappointed in the doggie playground that is Etchden Court Farm.

What vaccinations will my dog need?

In order to board your dog or cat with The Dog Lodge or Cat Haven they will need to have received their most recent yearly booster injections for all diseases associated with dogs and kennels – this includes but is not limited to kennel cough. Your dog(s) MUST have had the kennel cough vaccine at least 6 weeks prior to booking, as well as routine vaccinations prior to boarding.Please ensure you provide proof of these vaccinations when visiting The Dog Lodge as failure to do so may void your booking. If you do not have your vaccination records to hand your veterinary practice should be happy to provide these for you.

How safe is my dog at The Dog Lodge?

Safety is of paramount importance to us at The Dog Lodge. Not only do we operate a large capacity dog boarding facility, we also have an active livery yard, chicken farm and other independent businesses operating at Etchden Court Farm.

CCTV is in operation across the farm as well as lockable internal and external gates (this includes the main iron gates to the property which auto lock over night and will not reopen until morning). Designated and registered key holders work on a rotation basis and security are on hand for any emergency situations.

If you have any specific concerns regarding your dogs needs or requirements pertaining to safety or the safety of any other dog residing at The Dog Lodge please be sure to discuss these in full detail with a member of our friendly team at the time of booking and filling in your sign in paper work.

For more information regarding The Dog Lodges procedures and protocols please read our Operating Procedures Document


How often will my dog be walked/exersiced? 

All exercise regimes, play structures, enrichment feeding and other forms of mental and physical exercise will be discussed in full detail with all clients and each individual dog’s preferences and or restrictions (age, medical conditions, agility and activity levels etc) will be fully taken into consideration when formulating individual programmes for each dogs stay at The Dog Lodge

All staff at The Dog Lodge and Cat Haven are familiar and work mostly with methods of environmental enrichment, mental stimulation and physical exercise. At the very minimum one long walk per day will be enjoyed together, but on most days this will increase to two or more with 30 minute free play and exercise periods throughout the day.

For full information please see our Operating Procedures Document. 

Our motto is “A tired dog, is a happy dog”

With such a large and diverse environment to take advantage of there are so many brand new things to smell, quacking ducks to chase and exciting things to discover.

What happens if my dog is unwell or gets injured?

In the extremely rare and absolutely tragic event that a client’s dog in our care is to be injured or become unwell we have very finely tuned and practiced procedures in place for such an event. You can rest assured at The Dog Lodge that our highly trained staff are always alert and ready come to your best friends rescue should the need arise. You will of course be notified of any incident as the first priority. Full information regarding our protocols and procedures in the event of a medical emergency please see our Operating Procedures Document.

In the event that medical treatment needs to be administered to your dog during his or her stay with us this will first be discussed with the local vet we are affiliated with and then with yourselves as the owner to make any decisions regarding the care of your dog. Any and all medical attention and treatment will need to be signed off by both the veterinary practice associated with the care, the owners of the dog in question, and the head member of staff in charge at the time of the incident.

The Dog Lodge facility is covered by its own insurance, however the Client is responsible for any additional health/insurance cover if required.

What facilities will my dog have access to whilst staying at The Dog Lodge?

Etchden Court Farm is a working farm boasting 105 acres of farmland to take advantage of, harmoniously interspersed with horses, ducks, geese, peacocks, chickens and of course our own 12 dogs to interact and play with whatever the weather.

We have a large indoor barn area for those days that make outdoors play a messy affair, ponds for our friends who are partial to an afternoon swim and so much more to enrich the lives of our guests and ensure that their stay with us exceeds not only your expectations, but more importantly, theirs. 

Offering luxury bedding fitted into spacious state of the art purpose built kennels and Cat chalets, heated in the winter and purified cool air circulated during the hotter months, our secure kennels are just the icing on the cake when to comes to long farmland walks, acres of safe and secure space for free play and exploration in groups or one on one with one of our dedicated team members – you and your pooch will be over the moon that you chose The Dog Lodge for their holiday this year!